Trump tax: Most voters support Donald’s policy move that experts say could make inflation worse

Despite the warnings of economists, a new poll shows most voters support former President Donald Trump‘s plan to place an additional 10% tariff on imports.

Polling conducted by J.L. Partners and the DailyMail reveals that almost a quarter of voters “strongly support” the tariffs, and another 30% also support the fee. Only 16% of voters do not agree with Trump’s protectionist policy, as the tax will be absorbed by U.S. businesses and families and lead to inflation.

“Voters are not in the detail of the economics,” James Johnson, co-founder of J.L. Partners, told the DailyMail. “To them, it is instinctive: protecting America and putting up tariffs if other nations do not play fair is a popular proposition.”

Trump proposed a 10% tariff last year and expressed his enthusiasm for the policy last month. 

“I fully believe
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