Muriel Bowser encouraged by improving crime trends in DC: ‘We feel very good’

Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser said she is encouraged by the recent crime trends in the district amid early signs that several crimes in the area may be decreasing.

After spiking crime in 2023 sparked national headlines and prompted the Council of the District of Columbia to pass emergency legislation, followed by another comprehensive bill passed last month, Bowser explained why she felt “very good” about the new trends on CNBC’s Squawk Box on Monday.

“I just got an update from my deputy mayor, and crime is down among, in all categories in Washington, D.C., especially those categories that so troubled us last year with robbery and carjacking, down more than 30%,” Bowser said. “So we’ve done the things that we know will reset our public safety ecosystem — starting last summer with an emergency crime
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