Immigrant crime ring targeting high-end homes as families leave for vacation, Michigan sheriff warns

High-end homes in Oakland County, one of the wealthiest counties in Michigan, are being targeted by burglars who are linked to a South American theft group, according to Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Reports of break-ins have come as families head for spring break vacations, with burglars showing up in groups of three or four, targeting cash, safes, jewelry, and high-end handbags, per ABC 7 Detroit. In late March, two homes were invaded, according to Bloomfield Township police. 

“People ask what community or what neighborhood,” Bouchard said. “It’s not community- or neighborhood-specific. It is target-homes specific. Very high-end homes with probably high-worth valuables in the home that back up to an obscure golf course, wooded area, pond. Whatever gives them access to come in unobserved.”

Reports of burglaries sparked last year, leading authorities to
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