Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good blasted for coming to DC ‘to be famous’

Rep. Derrick Van Orden (R-WI) turned up the heat on a pressure campaign to oust House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good (R-VA), accusing the Virginian of coming to Washington “to be famous.”

Good is fighting off a campaign coming from within his caucus to remove him, infighting that Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) has asked his members to refrain from carrying out. Good was one of eight House Republicans who voted to oust former Speaker Kevin McCarthy late last year.

“Bob Good didn’t come here to govern. He came here to be famous,” Van Orden told CNN. “Bob Good’s wearing our jersey, and he’s not on the team.”

“If you look at what we have not been able to accomplish in this Congress, it’s predominantly because of Bob Good and his ilk,” Van Orden said. 

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