Denver suggests immigrants should go to NYC or Chicago: ‘The opportunities are over’

Facing a multimillion-dollar budget deficit, the city of Denver is suggesting that immigrants go elsewhere. 

A video from inside a migrant shelter showed Andres Carrera, Denver Mayor Mike Johnston’s political director, speaking in Spanish to immigrants telling them there are better opportunities outside Colorado. 

“The opportunities are over,” Carrera said. “New York gives you more. Chicago gives you more. So I suggest you go there where there is longer-term shelter. There are also more job opportunities there.” 

“We are not going to block you if you want to stay here,” Carrera said. “If you stay here, you are going to suffer even more, and I don’t want to see this.” 

The immigrants in the video arrived in Denver on March 26, a part of Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-TX) efforts to bus immigrants out of Texas to sanctuary cities, according to
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