California workers put on notice hour cuts are coming with $20 minimum wage going into effect

California fast-food workers are getting a pay boost on April 1 that is coming with some unintended consequences.

After the state legislature approved a law hiking the minimum wage for fast-food workers to $20 an hour, some companies have warned their employees that they will be scheduled for fewer hours as a result of the wage increase. The bill, which increases wages for fast-food companies with more than 60 locations nationwide, has put some managers of these chains in a tricky position. 

“I am used to being a champion of labor, and I’m in this odd position,” Michaela Mendelsohn, who manages six El Pollo Loco restaurants and oversees more than 170 employees, told NPR. “We’re having to get more efficient. So really, what’s left is … to reduce labor hours. And I hate saying that.”

Many employees will
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