Trump’s former Defense Secretary says he’s ‘definitely not’ voting for him

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper claimed he won’t be voting for Donald Trump this coming November.

Esper appeared on Friday’s episode Real Time with Bill Maher to reveal that he is closer every day to voting for his former boss’s opponent President Joe Biden. The former secretary quoted Biden in referring to Trump as a “threat to democracy.”

“So you’ll vote for Biden?” Bill Maher asked.

“I’m definitely not voting for Trump, but I’m not there yet,” Esper said.

“How can you not be there after what you just said?” Maher pushed.

“There’s no way I’ll vote for Trump, but every day that Trump does something crazy, the door to voting for Biden opens a little bit more, and that’s where I’m at,” Esper said.

Maher finished the exchange by joking about a
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