Seven hospitalized after Boeing plane experiences heavy turbulence

Seven people were sent to a hospital in New York on Friday night after their Boeing plane experienced high turbulence, which resulted in their plane being diverted from its scheduled landing in Newark, New Jersey, to Stewart International Airport in upstate New York.

A total of 22 passengers suffered minor injuries, with 15 people being treated on-site, but seven were sent to a local hospital for observation. The passengers all complained of stomach pain and nausea and chest pains from the turbulence. 

UPDATE: 312 passengers onboard Newark-bound United Airlines Boeing 787 from Tel Aviv that diverted to Stewart Airport due to “extreme turbulence,” 7 passengers taken to the hospital with minor injuries and 15 treated on site – according to New Windsor EMS. ( New Windsor EMS)

— Blaise Gomez (@BlaiseGomez12) March 29, 2024

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