John Bolton suggests Trump ‘hasn’t got the brains’ to be a dictator

Former national security adviser John Bolton attempted to pacify concerns about presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump becoming a dictator by attacking his lack of “brains.”

Bolton discussed his former boss in an interview with the French outlet Le Figaro published Thursday. Trump’s 2024 opponent, President Joe Biden, is making a mistake, according to Bolton, by constantly referring to the former president as a threat to democracy.

“People don’t believe [Biden],” Bolton explained. “Neither do I, because it’s not true! Firstly, regarding the possibility of overthrowing the [American)]republic, let’s be clear: Donald Trump is not Julius Caesar. The American Constitution and its institutions are strong. Trump attacked them by trying to call into question the result of the elections, and he failed. If he wasn’t able to steal the election when he was in the Oval Office,
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