Joy Reid claims ‘problem is you,’ not DEI

MSNBC host Joy Reid continued her on-air discussion of diversity, equity, and inclusion in a couple of TikTok videos on her personal account that were uploaded Thursday.

Earlier that day, Reid had hosted Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott on The ReidOut where he scoffed at the nickname “DEI Mayor” given to him by critics amid the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse. Reid would go on to reject the idea that black people are unfairly benefitting from DEI efforts in universities. The caption of one of her videos read, “la r*cistas [sic] think they’re slick!” using an incorrect form of the Spanish phrase “the racists.”

“Y’all think we don’t know what you mean when you say DEI? We know what you mean. We know what you mean,” Reid said in one video, then went on in a second
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