Biden’s promise of a manufacturing boom isn’t getting delivered to states he needs the most

On the large scale, Biden regained all factory jobs lost during the pandemic, and more than 146,000 more people work in U.S. manufacturing than five years ago. However, key swing states are still hurting from the closing down of manufacturing factories. 

In Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, 39,000 manufacturing jobs have been lost in the past five years. Manufacturing levels in these states haven’t recovered since 2019. 

Most of those jobs have gone to China, Mexico, and states in the South and West. 

Loss of factories has been detrimental to communities like Milwaukee, which shuttered its 85-year-old Master Lock Co. factory last week. Just a decade ago, that factory’s workers would bring home $100,000 a year.  

The factory resided in 30th Street Industrial Corridor, a strip consisting of factories that drew in thousands of black families, which consist of 38.6% of the population. Currently, the unemployment rate of Milwaukee’s black population is 9.3%.  

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