White House says ‘too soon’ to know cost and time frame for Baltimore bridge reconstruction

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg did not want to put a dollar amount or time frame on President Joe Biden‘s commitment to rebuild Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge after it was hit by a container ship.

It is “too soon to be certain” about how much construction of the bridge could cost and how long it could take, in addition to the economic consequences of the accident, Buttigieg told reporters Wednesday during a White House briefing, adding “rebuilding will not be quick, or easy, or cheap, but we will get it done.”

“The original bridge took five years to construct,” Buttigieg said. “That tells you what went into that original structure.”

After the search and rescue mission for the six people who remain unaccounted for was reclassified as a recovery effort earlier Wednesday, Buttigieg reiterated that he would prefer not
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