Fetterman breaks from Kamala Harris on Israel’s plan to invade Rafah

Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) disagreed with Vice President Kamala Harris for not ruling out that there could be “consequences” for Israel if they invade Rafah.

Fetterman has staunchly taken Israel’s side ever since Hamas’s brutal Oct. 7 attack. Amid cries for a ceasefire to ensure aid and safety for Palestinians under heavy Israeli fire, the Pennsylvania Democrat has maintained his support for Israel while denouncing Hamas.

Meanwhile, Harris suggested the administration could dole out consequences to Israel if it invades Rafah, where the majority of Palestinians in Gaza have fled to, during an interview that aired on This Week Sunday. According to Harris, “there’s nowhere for those folks to go” should the Israel Defense Forces enter Rafah, so she will “rule out nothing” in terms of consequences.

“Hard disagree,” Fetterman wrote on X, along with a screenshot
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