Chick-fil-A to transition away from antibiotic-free chicken

Fast food chain Chick-fil-A will no longer offer antibiotic-free chicken, according to an update posted to its website Thursday.

Every Chick-fil-A restaurant has served antibiotic-free chicken meat since 2019 but will switch over at an unspecified date this spring. Still, the franchise will follow the practice of No Antibiotics Important To Human Medicine. The absence of antibiotics found in human medicine prevents people from developing a resistance to them via consumption. Antibiotics will only be provided to the chickens if they get sick or are exposed to illness.

“We established an Animal Wellbeing Council of outside experts, which provides feedback on our policies and practices,” Chick-fil-A’s website reads. “With their input, we are constantly evaluating our approach to animal wellbeing to ensure it is consistent with or exceeds industry standards.”

The move comes after
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