Jewish students feel ‘unsafe’ on campus with anti-Israel sentiment on the rise

Jewish students are “under siege” on campus, and a poll released Monday revealed that the various anti-Israel efforts pushed in higher education nationwide have made the Jewish community feel increasingly unsafe.

Seventy-three percent of Jewish students reported feeling less safe on campus after the Oct. 7 attack, and it is not the fear of an attack on American soil that scares them but the increasingly hostile environment campuses have become for Jewish students as anti-Israel initiatives gain momentum.

“Since Oct. 7, Jewish students on campus are facing a disturbing escalation of physical attacks, harassment, and antisemitism, including a sharp rise in BDS campaigns,” CEO of the Israel on Campus Coalition Jacob Baime told the Washington Examiner. “Despite these challenges, Jewish students have shown remarkable resilience.”

In 2021, a poll found that 65% of students in
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