Youngkin: Disclosure of immigration status in courts is necessary

(The Center Square) – Disclosure of immigration status can be required in Virginia courts, and law enforcement officers have to be citizens with minimal exception.

Legislation that would have protected undocumented immigrants from having to do so has been vetoed by Virginia Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin. Another proposal, also vetoed, would have also eased restrictions on noncitizens serving in law enforcement.

The governor says immigration status is pertinent to how the courts should handle cases, including potential flight risks.

“Deportation is a serious outcome for noncitizens convicted of crimes, however, the court must absolutely have the right to inquire as to the immigration status of a defendant, as it is relevant information to the way the justice system should handle his or her case, including whether or not the defendant is a flight risk,” Youngkin wrote in his veto.

House Bill 776 would have amended the minimum qualifications for law enforcement.

“The bill is
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