Breyer reflects on ‘hope for compromise’ before Supreme Court 2022 abortion ruling

Retired Justice Stephen Breyer reflected on the 2022 leak of the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, saying that despite his dissent from the majority, he maintained a “hope” for compromise.

Breyer, who has since been succeeded by President Joe Biden‘s nominee Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, was asked by NBC News’s Meet the Press whether the justices had discussed a compromise to limit abortion access at 15 weeks instead of the decision the high court ultimately made to allow states to impose laws severely restricting such procedures.

“The normal situation is before something is written in the conference, people, in some form or other, will discuss what they’re thinking of writing. Not always and not identical. But there’s usually some discussion,” Breyer said of the decision-making process, sidestepping the question about
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