Boeing increasingly faces market turbulence

Aerospace manufacturing giant Boeing’s stock has regained some altitude after the COVID-19 travel industry plummet, but it continues to face significant market turbulence. Regulators from multiple countries and agencies are subjecting the company to unusually close scrutiny, for good reason.

This year alone, one Boeing 737 Max had to make an emergency landing after a “plug door” came off at 16,000 feet. Terrified passengers flying out of Portland, Oregon, on Alaska Airlines flight 1282 got to know the meaning of “explosive decompression” up close.

Since that Jan. 5 incident, many other Boeing planes have been plagued by technical problems, emergency landings, missing panels, and malfunctioning parts. A 787 Dreamliner on the way to New Zealand took an unexpected nosedive in mid-March. There was no crash, but 50 passengers reported injuries. Earlier that month, a 737 Max skidded off
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