US and Israel headed for ‘breach’ over last Hamas battle: ‘Not going to stop us’

Israel must not conduct a “major ground operation” against Hamas battalions in Rafah, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned this week.

“A major ground operation Rafa would be a mistake,” Blinken told reporters in Cairo. “It’s something that we can’t support. There is no place for the many civilians who are massed in [Rafah] to go to get out of harm’s way. And for those that would inevitably remain, it will be a humanitarian disaster.”

That statement represents one of the most blanket declarations of opposition to a Rafah campaign by President Joe Biden’s administration, as Blinken had previously suggested that “it’s possible” to plan a viable one. The hardened rejection points to a looming confrontation over war strategy between the United States and Israel, as Prime Minister Benjamin
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