More than 10% of buildings in Gaza have been destroyed in war: UN

Satellite imagery analyzed by the United Nations shows that roughly 35% of all buildings in the Gaza Strip have been damaged during the IsraelHamas war, while more than 10% have been destroyed.

The United Nations Satellite Center released an update on Wednesday regarding the destruction caused by nearly six months of war in the enclave. It found that 88,868 buildings have either been destroyed, severely damaged, or moderately damaged, and this represents a nearly 20,000 increase since the previous assessment in January.

Its statistics indicate there are nearly 254,000 buildings within the entire strip.

It found that nearly 31,200 buildings were destroyed, or approximately 12%; nearly 17,000 were severely damaged, or approximately 7%; and more than 40,700 buildings were moderately damaged, about 16%.

Much of the new damage has come
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