How Johnson picked up wins and losses with last-minute spending bill

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) walked away from a last-minute minibus spending bill to avert a government shutdown on his watch with a few cuts and bruises to go with the victory.

Released just after 3 a.m., the $1 trillion, 1,012-page minibus package marks the end of a nearly yearlong saga to fund the government. After such a long period of negotiations, Johnson had to settle for accomplishing some of his aims while ceding defeat in others.

Here are Johnson’s wins and losses in the 2024 spending bill.

Win: Border security

The House Republican summary of the bill touted several victories on border security, including $496 million to hire 22,000 Border Patrol agents, the highest level of funding for said purpose so far. Several hundred million dollars were also allocated for technology to strengthen the border — $283.5 million
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