How an unknown man used a mysterious rule to put Bowser’s budget on hold

Washington, D.C., Chief Financial Officer Glen Lee is holding up Mayor Muriel Bowser’s budget by asserting that a reserve fund must be replenished as part of it.

Bowser’s budget was supposed to come out Wednesday, but Lee held it up at the last minute. Though there is nothing in Washington, D.C., law that requires the reserve fund, a savings account for the government, to be refilled, Lee is using his authority to insist as much.

Despite the lack of a law requiring the filling of the reserve fund, Lee argued that he has “the authority and responsibility to evaluate all aspects of the budget.”

Lee is seeking to cut out $250 million to replenish the account, according to Axios, a significant amount of the city’s struggling finances.

The move enraged D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson, who floated firing
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