Biden takes shot at Trump during Texas campaign stop: ‘Not going to demonize immigrants’

President Joe Biden said he won’t “demonize immigrants” during the first of two campaign stops in Dallas on Wednesday night as Donald Trump, his GOP opponent for president, blames him for the chaos at the southern border.

“Unlike Trump, I’m not going to demonize immigrants,” Biden said to cheers of “Four more years!” from supporters in the Lone Star State. “The problem isn’t just going back to where Trump had the country. It’s where he wants to take us now.”

“Look to what he’s saying,” he continued. “I hope we’re all going to take it seriously. He means what he says. As crazy as it sounds, he means what he says.”

Biden also accused Trump of wanting to “do away with NATO” and of downplaying COVID-19 and said Trump would pardon those involved in the Jan.
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