Biden goes all-out on minority outreach as his Democratic coalition weakens

President Joe Biden is pulling out all the stops to reinvigorate his winning 2020 coalition ahead of a toss-up rematch with former President Donald Trump in 2024.

No minority voting bloc is a monolith, and while polling data conducted ahead of Biden-Trump round two generally show Asian, black, and Latino voters still leaning Democratic, yet numerous samplings show the president’s margins over Trump among nonwhite voters noticeably slipping.

The Biden campaign and the White House have spent months if not years waving off polls outlining an enthusiasm problem within Biden’s 2020 coalition, yet the campaign has taken considerate steps in recent weeks to message directly to minority and female voters in efforts to draw contrasts between himself and Trump.

On Tuesday, Biden headed out west for a multiday campaign tour of Arizona and Nevada, two battleground states with considerable
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