This wealthy GOP Senate candidate has an issue paying taxes on time

Sandy Pensler, a wealthy Republican businessman running in the primary to be Michigan’s next senator, delivered what he thought was a straightforward message in a March television advertisement.

“You’ve seen the invasion at our southern border,” Pensler, 67, said in the ad. “It’s worse than you think. Sleepy Joe [Biden] is using our tax dollars to give cash cards to illegals and to people who can work, but won’t. You work hard, pay your taxes, play by the rules. But our government gives out cash cards to those who don’t. Not on my watch. I’m Sandy Pensler. It’s time to take our country back. I approve this message.”

But Pensler, who has self-funded his 2024 campaign with a more than $1 million loan, appears to have a liability that other GOP primary candidates may seek to exploit.
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