Retired Supreme Court Justice Breyer takes aim at former colleagues in stunning slam

Former Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer criticized his colleagues on the high court over their interpretation of the Constitution.

The former justice, who retired in 2022, is set to release a book titled Reading the Constitution: Why I Chose Pragmatism, Not Textualism, laying out an argument critiquing the methods used by many Republican-appointed justices to interpret the Constitution.

“Recently, major cases have come before the court while several new justices have spent only two or three years at the court,” Breyer said in the book, according to the New York Times. “Major changes take time, and there are many years left for the newly appointed justices to decide whether they want to build the law using only textualism and originalism.”

The argument between “living Constitution” and textualist interpretations isn’t a new one. But Breyer laid out three major
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