Miami Beach mayor touts ‘calmest spring break’ in years following police crackdown

The mayor of Miami Beach, Florida, described the numerous spring break precautions taken by the city as an overall success, noting a decrease in arrests compared to previous years.

The Florida city has been a popular spring break destination for college students and had been the target of crime. This year, the city and state announced a multitude of precautions it would be taking to lower crime during spring break, such as a curfew and an increased police presence, with Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner noting how many businesses have benefited from these precautions.

“This is the calmest spring break we’ve had in years,” Meiner told Fox News Live. “A number of restaurants that make their business, like traditional restaurants, are actually telling me thank you, that these measures have helped them, it’s kept things safer, calmer, and that they’re
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