Maher warns lawmakers of TikTok’s power to ‘change people’s minds’

Talk show host Bill Maher raised his concerns with TikTok’s ability to “change people’s minds” with Reps. Ro Khanna (D-CA) and Nancy Mace (R-SC).

The House passed a ban on app stores from hosting the popular short-form video platform TikTok after it passed unanimously out of the House Energy and Commerce Committee. However, both Khanna and Mace voted against it. Maher asked them what common ground they shared.

“Well, the common ground is the First Amendment and free speech,” Khanna said. “I mean, it shows how out of touch Congress is that of all the issues in the country, the thing we can get done in three days is ban TikTok? That is the issue?”

“It’s a First Amendment issue. I think it’s potentially a Fifth Amendment issue,” Mace agreed. “It’s not
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