Happy birthday, C-SPAN, at 45 and going strong

Tuesday marks the 45th birthday of C-SPAN, and to celebrate, the public service cable team has pulled together a highlight roll of its history-making since then-Rep. Al Gore announced from the House floor that the C-SPAN was live on March 19, 1979.

“What does TV coverage of the House mean for America?” C-SPAN said. “For the last 45 years, Americans have been able to see directly for themselves and form their own opinions about many momentous political and policy debates. Perhaps none more consequential than debates over how the U.S. government spends its money and makes foreign policy.”

You know that on 1st day of LIVE House TV – March 19, 1979 – Al Gore spoke first, about Congress on TV.

But what else did Congress say that 1st day of C-SPAN?

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