Faith and flag: How the Left used ‘Christian Nationalism’ to undermine traditional values

The term “Christian Nationalism” has been used by the Left as a means of dismissing social conservatives who believe in the role of religion — or Judeo-Christian values — in everyday American life. In this series, Faith and Flag, the Washington Examiner will analyze what it actually means to be a ‘Christian Nationalist,’ why the term is maligned and misunderstood, and what role, if any, it might play in a future Trump administration. Part one looks at what Christian nationalism is.

As the phrase “Christian nationalism” has weaved its way into political discourse, the Left has used it to paint a caricature of a dogmatic Republican voter base focused on stripping rights from Americans.

The 2024 election cycle has featured a left-wing focus on the phrase as Democrats raise the specter of a second Trump administration running roughshod over the secular liberal order that has
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