Elon Musk’s SpaceX to work with US intelligence on new spy satellite network: Report

SpaceX‘s Starshield division has contracted with the National Reconnaissance Office, according to inside sources.

Five sources confirmed to Reuters that the NRO has a $1.8 billion contract for Starshield’s satellite network. The division is dedicated to “supporting national security,” according to its website, with a focus on Earth observation, communications, and hosted payloads.

Neither SpaceX or the NRO returned the Washington Examiner’s request for comment.

This report comes as SpaceX CEO Elon Musk continues to spar with President Joe Biden. Currently, the company is under review by Biden’s National Labor Relations Board over the firing of eight employees. The employees complained about Musk’s posts on X reflecting poorly on the company and asked them to be taken down. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the company last
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