Wisconsin Senate hopeful counters Democratic attacks on wealth in new ad: ‘Can’t be bought’

Eric Hovde, a Republican Senate candidate in Wisconsin, is claiming he “can’t be bought” and will donate his Senate salary to charities if elected as he pushes back against Democratic attacks calling him an out-of-touch millionaire.

In a 30-second ad released Friday and shared with the Washington Examiner, Hovde said he will not take money from special interest groups, framing his wealth as an asset instead of a pitfall.

“Career politicians sell themselves to special interests and end up working for them instead of you,” Hovde said. “I’ve worked hard, been fortunate. I don’t need their special interest money, and I won’t take it.”

Hovde, a real estate and bank CEO, has come under fire from Democrats for his fortune and ownership of California’s Sunwest Bank, which controls more than $3 billion in assets. His $7
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