White House condemns Russia issuing arrest warrant for Washington Examiner columnist

The White House condemned the sanctions issued against American journalists, including the March 7 arrest warrant for Washington Examiner columnist Tom Rogan.

Russia has also placed Washington Examiner Editor-in-Chief Hugo Gurdon on a state list of extremists and terrorists just before the second anniversary of the war in Ukraine.

“Sadly, it’s consistent with the Kremlin approach to, particularly, journalists and the crackdown by the Kremlin on free speech and speech, in fact, that Mr. Putin finds offensive or inimical to his own selfish interests,” National Security Council spokesman John Kirby told reporters during Friday’s White House press briefing when asked about the warrant issued for Rogan. “It’s, I think, just another reminder, and I think it underscores, first of all, the danger to Americans who may be in Russia and the need not to be there, but
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