The European Union is now the world’s most aggressive regulator of digital markets

The world’s most sweeping tech regulation is now in place with the enactment of the European Commission’s Digital Market Act. U.S.-based tech giants are still trying to understand how to comply with the new rules, which took effect March 6, and European consumers are already feeling the effects.

The European Commission describes the DMA’s aim as making “digital markets in the EU more contestable and fairer.” According to the commission, “It establishes new rules for 10 defined core platform services, such as search engines, online marketplaces, app stores, online advertising, and messaging, and gives new rights to European businesses and end-users.” Companies that provide those services and have 75 billion euros in market capitalization and have more than 45 million active monthly users are designated as “gatekeepers,” namely, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, ByteDance, Meta, and Microsoft. Notably, no European-based companies
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