Suze Orman suggests ‘people are not doing OK’ in today’s economy

Financial expert Suze Orman offered her analysis of the economy, which included a red flag for current personal savings.

Orman appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Friday to share her concerns about what co-host Mika Brzezinski called the “financial pandemic.” Even though Orman acknowledged that unemployment is down and the stock markets are up, she says it’s clear people are struggling.

“I’m always concerned about those, Mika, that don’t have money,” Orman said. “‘Cause inflation, even though they say it’s kind of come down, people still don’t have the money they need to afford the things that they need. Not their wants, but just their needs. So the rents people are paying, the prices they’re paying for real estate, their homes, that concerns me.”

GDP “looks pretty good,” according to Orman, but she acknowledged
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