Pierce Brosnan pays fine to Yellowstone for ‘impulsive mistake’

Actor and self-proclaimed environmentalist Pierce Brosnan apologized for trespassing on hot springs in Yellowstone National Park by paying a fine.

Brosnan, 70, visited the Mammoth Hot Springs on Nov. 1 and pleaded guilty to crossing into an off-limits area, according to the U.S. attorney’s office for Wyoming. As a result, the actor paid a $500 fine and an additional $1,000 to the Yellowstone Forever Geological Fund.

“As an environmentalist I have the utmost respect for and love of our natural world. However, I made an impulsive mistake — one that I do not take lightly — when entering a thermal area covered in snow in Yellowstone National Park to take a photograph,” Brosnan wrote in his apology. “I did not see a ‘No Trespassing’ sign posted that warned of danger nor did I hike in the
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