Kamala Harris hosts marijuana panel with Fat Joe as Biden pushes to reclassify the drug

Vice President Kamala Harris hosted rapper Fat Joe and others at the White House for discussions on the administration’s efforts to decriminalize marijuana.

White House Director of Public Engagement Steve Benjamin and Gov. Andy Beshear (D-KY) also took part in the discussion, which comes as President Joe Biden and Harris kick their reelection campaign into overdrive.

Harris opened her remarks by first thanking Fat Joe and Beshear for “having the courage to challenge certain traditions and critically evaluate whether what we’ve been doing is smart and what can we do to be smarter.”

“I believe that the promise of America includes equal justice under the law, and, for too many, our criminal justice system has failed to live up to that core principle. I say that with full knowledge of how the system has worked, including my experience as
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