Trump short list for VP candidates could include surprising options: ‘Not a person in politics that doesn’t want it’

Former President Donald Trump said he is narrowing down his options for vice president, highlighting the high interest among politicians in serving as his second-in-command.

Trump told Newsmax’s Greg Kelly on Wednesday evening that “really great people” want the position and have expressed they “would love to be vice president.”

“Who wouldn’t? If you’re a politician, who wouldn’t want it?” Trump said. “But you know, I get a kick out of watching the fake news media say, ‘Nobody wants to work with him. Nobody wants to be vice president. Nobody wants to be secretary of state.’ Everybody wants to be in these positions.”

“There’s not a person in politics that doesn’t want it, and that includes Democrats,” he said. “If I wanted, I’d have a Democrat, I’d have a liberal, I’d have anybody I want.”

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