Trump says 2024 ‘strong’ campaign style is here to stay: ‘Have to fight back’

Former President Donald Trump said he has no plans in changing his campaign style as he looks toward the general election.

While appearing on Greg Kelly Reports Wednesday, Trump was asked whether he would be changing his strong approach — something the former president has often been criticized for — as he anticipates the likely presidential rematch between him and President Joe Biden this November.

“I would like to say yes,” Trump said. “I will always be nice. I will always be respectful, but when they hit you, you have to hit them back. And then people would say, ‘Oh, gee, Trump isn’t a nice guy.’ Because I hit back hard, they say, ‘Trump isn’t a nice person,’ but they do like my policy.”

Trump touted his popularity concerning his stance regarding the border, the economy, tax cuts, jobs, and pharmaceuticals.

“I don’t want to be phony,” he added.
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