Experts raise concerns about SCOTUS silence on college free speech case

(The Center Square) – A U.S. Supreme Court case regarding free speech at higher education institutions has left the ongoing debate about bias on college campuses undecided.

The issue began when a legal challenge was filed in Speech First, Inc. v. Sands over Virginia Tech’s “bias-response team policies,” which monitored, tracked and investigated students’ speech when it was considered problematic and could recommend disciplinary action.

Speech First, a group that has fought similar battles on other campuses, said the policies violated students’ First Amendment rights and that the policy was targeted at students not adhering to liberal orthodoxy commonly found on university campuses.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled last week that the case was moot since Virginia Tech had changed the policy in question. The high court also vacated a previous ruling on behalf of the school, a move experts say will set up more battles at schools nationwide that still
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