Thousands of non-citizens to be moved off state taxpayer-subsidized health care

(The Center Square) – The Pritzker administration is set to remove thousands of non-citizens over the age of 65 from the state’s taxpayer-subsidized health care plan in an effort to save state taxpayers millions of dollars. Much of those costs would be shifted to federal taxpayers.

Officials with the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services announced the changes during Tuesday’s Joint Committee on Administrative Rules. 

“They are going to be reviewing current members of the migrant health care programs, both 65 and over and as we heard today from 42 to 64, to find out which of those people may actually qualify for either free market health care services, Obamacare if you will, or if they don’t they may be eligible for either Medicare or Medicaid based on their age,” DeWitte told the Center Center. 

The move could save up to $14 million in state tax dollars. Even more would
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