Kobe Bryant’s Los Angeles statue to undergo alterations to fix errors

The statue of the late Kobe Bryant outside Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles is set to undergo alterations to adjust several noticeable errors, the Los Angeles Lakers announced on Monday.

Bryant’s statue, which symbolizes the success and impact he had with the Lakers, has multiple mistakes etched into the marble base that are set to be fixed, according to a report.

The names of Jose Calderon and Von Wafer are misspelled in a replica box score of Bryant’s legendary 81-point game against the Toronto Raptors, and there is also a formatting mistake on the marble, where one can find a list of the five-time NBA champion’s accomplishments, the report noted.

Hm … Kobes Statue mit drei Fehlern? CalderSon, VoM Wafer, DeciCion? What? pic.twitter.com/5ea6zWuXJ7

— André „Dré“ Voigt (@drevoigt)
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