Georgia lawmaker blasts MSNBC hosts for mocking voter concerns about immigration after Laken Riley’s death

A Georgia Republican lawmaker ripped MSNBC‘s Super Tuesday panel mocking Virginia voter concerns about immigration as a dominant 2024 presidential election topic.

During the network’s Super Tuesday coverage, hosts Rachel Maddow, Jen Psaki, and Joy Reid scoffed at Virginians concerned about immigration.

There are some folks in Georgia not laughing.

— Rep. Mike Collins (@RepMikeCollins) March 6, 2024

“I live in Virginia. Immigration was the No. 1 issue,” Psaki said, which prompted laughter from her fellow co-hosts.

Maddow interrupted with a sarcastic quip, “Virginia does have a border with West Virginia, a very contested area.”

Reid was heard saying, “Build a wall.”

“There are some folks in Georgia not laughing,” Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) responded to the MSNBC hosts on social
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