Lara Trump launches children’s book based on childhood experience: ‘Hard work really does pay off’

Lara Trump has launched a new children’s book, stressing the importance of a strong work ethic. 

The book, The Never-Give-Up Pup published with BRAVE Books, navigates the journey of a determined young detective who reaches his goal despite adversity. 

“What is lacking so much in our society today is hard work,” Trump told the Washington Examiner. “People really have a tendency not to want to work hard. Everything’s accessible these days for our kids.”

Trump said the story was inspired by her own childhood experience of trying out and not making her JV cheerleading team. 

“I was devastated, and my dad was the one who said, ‘Listen, you can either be upset about this, or you can work really hard over the next year. Then when you go to the tryouts next year, you know, see what happens,’” Trump
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