US Air Force completes first airdrop of food into Gaza

The United States Air Force successfully dropped approximately 66 ready-to-eat meal pallets into Gaza, which contained roughly 38,000 meals on Saturday, completing its first airdrop of humanitarian aid into the area.

The airdrop was carried out by three C130 planes, and the airdrops are expected to be a “sustained effort” as more than half a million people in Gaza are a step away from famine.

“The DoD humanitarian airdrops contributes to ongoing U.S. government efforts to provide life-saving humanitarian assistance to the people in Gaza,” CENTCOM said in a news release. “We are conducting planning for potential follow-on airborne aid delivery missions.”

President Joe Biden announced the airdrop on Friday, claiming that there was not enough humanitarian assistance flowing into the region.

​​“Aid flowing into Gaza is nowhere nearly enough … lives are on the line,”
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