Bill Maher advises Biden to lean into his age, since ‘nobody’s buying’ he’s sharper than ever

Talk show host Bill Maher offered advice to President Joe Biden ahead of his State of the Union address.

Maher suggested that the oldest-ever president, at 81, should make his age part of his branding and “embrace” any jokes made about his age. The comedian proceeded to poke fun at Biden’s age during Friday’s episode of Real Time with Bill Maher.

“Instead of trying to refute all the too-old-to-be-president slams, Joe must embrace them. Stop with the ‘I’m sharper than ever.’ Nobody’s buying that,” Maher said. “Don’t try to deny the age thing; lean into it. Lean in, lean in like you’re eating soup.”

According to Maher, Biden’s campaign using TikTok is “inauthentic” and not a part of who he actually is. Maher equated Biden using TikTok with former
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