Trump likens Democrats’ ‘disinformation’ on border to overall strategy: ‘They’re masters at it’

Former President Donald Trump slammed the past rhetoric from Democratic officials, including President Joe Biden, about the border being “secure,” claiming it was disinformation and labeling them “masters at it.”

Trump, speaking on Fox News’s Hannity as part of his visit to the southern border on Thursday, claimed Democrats’ spewing pf “disinformation,” on the border and in the past alleging Trump had connections to Russia, was part of how they are “destroying the country.”

“It’s all disinformation — Russia, Russia, Russia — everything they do. The Democrats, and I guess you have to say they’re masters at it, they’ll say something a thousand [times]: ‘The border is great, the border is closed.’ And they’ll say it a thousand different times, and some people are going to believe it,” Trump said.

“I think that’s probably the hardest
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