Mall-content with misdemeanors

George Gascon. (AP Photo)

It was once a common part of life in many places for teenagers to flock to and hang out at malls. But criminals, and their enablers, just so happen to ruin things for everyone else.

The Del Amo Fashion Center, a mall in Torrance, California, is now banning minors from the facility on certain days unless they are accompanied by adult chaperones. The mall has been the site of smash-and-grab robberies, several brawls, and shootings because the mall is in Los Angeles County. Infamously pro-criminal District Attorney George Gascon does not believe in prosecuting juvenile offenders for misdemeanors, which would include robberies and brawls.

Reminder that the District Attorney in LA County, where this mall is located, does not prosecute juveniles accused of misdemeanor crimes. Screenshot from Gascon's policy:

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