Food stamps: March SNAP payments worth up to $1,751 for California residents to be sent out today

California will now start sending out benefits from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, worth up to $1,751, to qualified residents.

California’s SNAP program, also known as CalFresh, will start issuing payments on Friday, and the benefits are sent from the first to the 10th of the month. Arrival dates for those who receive benefits nationwide depend on a household’s Social Security number, last name, or case number. In California, payments are distributed depending on the recipients’ case numbers.

The payout each beneficiary will get is influenced by multiple factors such as household size, income limits, and additional assets. The maximum payment is $291 for a household of one, $973 for a household of four, and $1,751 for a household of eight. Up to $219 is added to a household’s food stamps for each
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