Biden administration to carry out airdrops of aid into Gaza following dozens of deaths near convoy

President Joe Biden approved plans for multiple airdrops of aid into Gaza on Friday, following weeks, if not months, of comments from U.S. officials about the need for more humanitarian aid.

The first U.S. airdrop will happen in the “coming days,” according to National Security Council spokesman John Kirby, who noted, “It will be part of a larger longer sustained effort to increase the flow of humanitarian assistance.”

The first deliveries will likely include meals-ready-to-eat, portable food that is commonly used by the military. 

“First of all, the biggest risk is making sure that nobody gets hurt on the ground. And so you got to locate out areas to drop that you know will be safe for people so that they don’t become victims of the drop itself,” Kirby explained. “Then you want to make sure that it’s in
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